History Of TMGS

TMGS (currently known as SMK (P) Treacher Methodist) is one of the earliest all girls’ new school to be established in Malaysia. It is one of the popular school in Larut, Matang and Selama district. It is situated in a quite and calm area. This is one of the reasons parents are keen to send their children to this school. This school is strategically situated nearby historical as well as important buildings such as the Museum (which is the first in Malaysia), the Lake Garden, Taiping Prison as well as the first Railway Station of Malaysian.

This school was established in 1889 by Methodist Missionaries.

1889 – This school was first established, it was then only a wooden building with only 8 pupils.

1898 – The Perak Government started to face problems with this school, which now had an enrolment of 22 pupils. This school was then known as the Government Girls’ School.

1899 – After several discussions between Mrs. William Treacher, the wife of the British Resident, and Bishop James Thoburn, the Perak Government Handed this school over to the Methodist Mission on 4 th. May, 1989. During this year also, the enrolment rose to a total of 28 pupils with Mrs. Mary Carr Curtis, wife of a Methodist Missionary from Penang , as the first principal.

1901 – The premises of the school were extended by the additional grant of land from the Perak Government. The principal then was Miss Mary Cody.

1902 – Finally, after 13 years, the school was christianed Lady Treacher Girls’ School in honour of the wife of the British Resident at the time, Mr. William Treacher. A hostel housing 25 boarders was opened. During this time, Miss Ethel Jackson took over from Miss Mary Cody as the principal. Remarkably, the enrolment continued to increase to a total of 41.

1905 – Miss Toll was appointed as the school principal in May and the school continued to progress beautifully.

1908 – The school prepared 6 girls for the standard 6 examinations for the first time.

1909 – Two girls’ joined the normal Treachers’ Training Classes after successfully passing their standard seven, which was a magnificent effort at that time.

1914 – Despite the First World War, this school carried on and the enrolment of 1918 surged up to 108 pupils. Boys were admitted in the early years – even up to Standard Four.

1924 – The First Cambridge School Certificate Class was organized.

1933 – The Public Work Department allowed the school to rent the bungalow near the junction of Museum and Walker Road .

1934 – Presentation of the World Flag to the first Taiping Guide Company of Lady Treacher Girls’ School.

1935 – Miss Della Olson became the principal.

1941 – Thanks to Perak Government which gave a building grant of $30,000, the school built the main building which consisted of 13 classrooms, an assembly hall, an office staff room, Music and Domestic Science rooms. This building was officially opened by D.Y.M.M. Paduka Seri Sultan Perak, Sultan Abdul Aziz Ibni Almarhum Musa K.C.M.C.K.B.C.

1949 – During this year, this school had a new block consisting of 6 classrooms, and a sports field was obtained from the Perak Government.

1951 – Early this year, another building with six classes was opened.

1952 – Miss Della Olson returned to the United States of America . A new hostel, a gift from the Methodist women of USA , was officially opened by Bishop Archer on 11 th. February, 1952.

1953 – Lady Treacher Girls’ School formed a Parent-Teacher Association – the first of its kind in the country Hence, the parents and teachers found a opportunity to discuss ways to help their children to improve. The Prefectorial Board was also formed.

1954 – The school enrolment this year was 1,562. Societies and clubs were formed to serve the talents of the pupils. This year saw the first issue of the school magazine. Dr. Clara French, executive secretary for South-East Asia of the Women Division of Christian Service of the Methodist Church , paid the school a visit. She helped the school to purchase some library books and audio-visual equipment.

1957 – This school was organized into 2 sections with Miss Flora Knight as the principal of the Secondary Section and Mrs. U Teck Hua as the principal of the Primary Section. Under these two principals, the school flourished. It was during this year too, that the Lady Treacher Girls’ school was renamed Treacher Methodist Girls’ School, (TMGS).

1959 – Dr. Clara French laid the foundation stone for the new library and science unit. Her Highness, The Raja Perempuan Perak, opened a new building consisting of a Science Room, Sewing Room, Domestic Science Room and a Library which cost $87,000. The old Science and Domestic Science Room were converted into a canteen, a sickbay and a dental clinic.

1962 – The school bought a piece of land of 5 acres to build a separate Primary School.

1963 – The school Athletic A division team won the North Perak Combined School Sports for an incredible tenth time.

1964 – Our school celebrated her 75 th, birthday. The consort of His Highness. The Sultan of Perak, Y.M. Puan Sharifah Salmah, opened a new block which consists of an Art Room, Domestic Science Kitchen, Sewing Room, Sickbay, dental clinic and canteen-cum-dining hall in July, 1964 and was dedicated by Bishop Amstutz. This new unit cost $35,000. In this year also, two additional subjects, Pure Science and Additional Mathematics were introduced to the upper secondary students.

1965 – The school library was named Clara French Library in honour of Dr. Clara French. The Minister of Education gave official recognition to the three stream system in the upper classes.

1967 – Two cookery rooms and a sewing room were provided to upgrade the standard of the teaching of Domestic Science.

1968 – A new biology laboratory was financed by the Education Department and was completed in the new Art/Science unit.

1970 – The new Primary School was opened at a new site, near the Lake Gardens. Thus, the main school building became a secondary school on its own. The Secondary School had donated $20,000 towards the Primary School Building Fund.

1971 – The Integrated Science, Physics and Chemistry Laboratories were completed together with a new meeting room. Two students, Juniata Aman and Sooriya Kumari, were selected to represent Malaysia in the South-East Asia Games (SEAP).

1972 – Miss F.R. Knight retired after 19 years as the principal. Under her guidance, the school had flourished and the school is continuing so under the hand of Miss Satwant Kaur, who took over as principal Junaidah Aman represented Malaysia in the Olympic Games in Munich, West Germany .

1973 – Junaidah Aman became the pride of the school when she bagged the “Sportswoman of the Year” title.

1976 – This school obtained the highest MCE percentage passes among the Taiping schools. For the first time, the Form 3 pupils sat for the Modern Maths paper for the LCE examinations.

1977 – A bicycle shed was built behind the Form 3 block by Parent-Teacher Association and toilet block was renovated.

1978 – The Art Room was converted into a Chemistry laboratory. Our Form three pupils took their SRP exams. In Bahasa Malaysia for the first time. Our school won the local International School Debating trophy, Lee Tung Mooi challenge cup, for the second successive year.

1979 – The school celebrated its 90th birthday.

1980 – 3 badminton courts and an all purpose court was built.

1981 – Ching Joo Lian, a student, was selected to represent Malaysia at the SEA Games in Jakarta .

1982 – The PIBG contributed a fan to every class. The school debate team won the Lee Tung Mooi challenge cup for the fourth time.

1984 – The modification of the library was completed this year. A TV Room and a Computer Room were provided.

1985 – The Domestic Science Kitchen was renovated by adding 2 Sewing Rooms, 2 Domestic Science Kitchen and 2 stoves. A shed was built at the entrance of Walker Road. It was contributed by Datuk Paul Leong who also made a donation for library equipment. Tay Poh Hong was selected to play volleyball for Malaysia in the SEA Games in Bangkok. The PIBG decided on Canteen Day as an annual fund-raising project.

1986 – Room II was converted into a lecture theatre and toilets were modified, thanks to Datuk Paul Leong’s contribution. The PIBG contributed a large sum to modify the Counseling Room and the old dental clinic was converted into an Art Room. Clubs and Societies were made compulsory for Remove, Form One and Two girls’.

1987 – The old Hostel Block was bought over from the Methodist Mission and was converted in classroom.

1988 – KBSM was introduced. Renovation and replanning (toilet) for the second time, with new corridor, door and changing room.

1989 – Hostel Block was renovated into 2 large classrooms, suitable for KBSM. Work is underway to make wood work, plumbing and electric workshops for the pupils.

1991 – Pn. Azizah bt. Taib, PPT, she is the first Malay to be the Principal of this school. She is also the first principal to introduce the calendar I and II. (Takwim I & II) to be used in schools. In 1996 to 1997 this school emerged as the cleanest school for the Northern Zone. To encourage students to write, she introduced the newsletter known as ‘Pariwarta’.

1999 – Pn. Zaitone bt. Shaffie as a principal, she not only places importance on academic achievement but also on the physical improvement of the school buildings. Senior Assistants Room, Operations Room, canteen school gate as well as the teachers toilet.

2001 – Dr. Joan Llewellyn, who taught the basic science subjects and Health Science for less than 730 days in TMGS in 1958, visited TMGS on 10th July 2001 after having left Taiping for 42 years since 1959.

2002 – On 4th March, Miss Maxine Olson, a niece of Miss Della Olson (a former principal of TMGS), came for a visit to our school.

2005 – The school library underwent new improvements in keeping up with the computer era. The old system of borrowing books was upgraded to the automation system. Computers, scanners, printers and internet service are now provided for use by students.

2006 – Introduction of the single session school system.

Renovation and upgrading of facilities at students’ toilet block. School principal, Pn Zaitone Bt. Shaffie, retired on 25th April 2006. Pn Hjh. Salmah Bt. Jaapar who had served the school as Head of Humanities Department and Senior Assistant for Administration, became the new principal of TMGS.

2007 – On 11th October 2007, Pn Hjh. Salmah Bt. Jaapar retired after her short stint as principal . Pn Noriza Bt. Dato’ Sulaiman, who had served the school as afternoon supervisor (March 1998 -December 2005), took over the helm.

2008 – Allocation from the Perak State Ministry of Education was used for the maintenance of Block Knight’s roof. The school’s wire fencing was upgraded and replaced with concrete fencing.

2009 – TMGS celebrates its 120th anniversary. A cyclethon was held on 17 January 2009 to kick off the celebration.

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